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Pets Need Routine Dental Care, Too

Pet Dentistry in Winter Haven, FL

Dr. Beatty at Garden Grove Animal Hospital underwent specialized training in pet dental care and promotes the prevention of periodontal disease and receiving regular dental health care. He emphasizes routine comprehensive oral health assessments. This includes thorough dental probing and charting and full mouth intraoral X-rays. Don’t wait until your pet’s teeth are in poor shape to take care of them. Maintain healthy teeth with regular professional cleanings now!

We Are Booking Dental Appointments More Than 7 Months In Advance

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Pet teeth cleaning and hygiene in  Winter Haven, FL

Consistent Professional Cleanings

Schedule consistent dental appointments for your pet just like you do for yourself. Regular professional cleanings are important not only for your pet’s dental health but also for your pet’s entire overall health.

At Garden Grove Animal Hospital, we use modern ultrasound technology to clean each tooth, and dental technicians polish the teeth to make the surface resistant to plaque buildup. We also provide fluoride treatments to help strengthen the enamel and reduce tooth sensitivity.

To schedule your pet’s dental appointment, get in touch with us at 863-324-0623.

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